Decompression with COX Flexion

Dr. Pirner uses decompression with the Cox Flexion technique.

So what is Cox Flexion?

Cox Flexion, or Flexion Distraction is a non-surgical, doctor-controlled, hands-on spinal manipulation technique that decompresses your spine. It’s different than some other decompression therapies in that it’s a gentler technique. It works subtly, as opposed to traction, which is a decedent of the rack- a medieval torture device. Instead of yanking you, it gently rocks your spine with the doctor in complete control of the range of motion.

It still works, though, and works well. You are expected to achieve 50% reduction in pain over 30 days, both subjectively from your point of view, and objectively with tests from the doctor.

Your pain reduction isn’t limited to your back, though. Decompression of the spine get rid of pain in your arms, legs, and even headaches as well as freeing your back from pain.


A skeleton ready for an adjustment on the table.
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A Skeleton with a Concertina