Our Gentle Procedures

are one thing that makes Ark Valley Chiropractic different. Instead of the traditional methods of spinal adjustments, Dr. Pirner uses advanced techniques with various tools that can tell how much pressure to apply. While they are strong enough to put a large man’s spine in line, they are actually gentle enough for the most delicate of us!

Dr. Pirner actually got a call from a man on the way home from work that had a newborn baby who needed an adjustment. The father had a relative who did chiropractic care and trusted Dr. Pirner enough to treat his child.

There are a variety of method and tools used to Dr. Pirner’s Gentle Techniques.

1. The Auto IQActivator Adjuster.

This is a small handheld instrument that taps at your spine, gentle putting the vertebra back in place.

2. T- Wedges.

Utilizing physics, these tools help the doctor with placement. For work with the anterior to posterior vertebra.

3. The Cox Flexion Technique.

This technique involves a gentle adjustment that is designed to adjust vertebrae by applying a gentle stretch to the lower spine, usually in a series of repetitive slow movements similar to a rocking motion.